12 Best Free Typing Speed Test website or Typing practice test

Free Typing Speed Test website
Free Typing Speed Test website
free typing practice test websites

Typing in good speed is something that you are searching for, at that point, there are many websites that will unquestionably help you with accomplishing your objective. This is true that in the era of computers, we need to be perfect and should have good typing speed. So to help you, I come up with the best websites for your typing practice test or free typing speed test. This will help you a lot to increase your typing speed and lead you toward the best one to fulfill your desire.

So lets get started and see them one by one:

Top 12 Free Typing Practice Test Websites


For making yourself better in the typing speed, you must have the knowledge about the right position of your hands and but if you don’t have such information, then TypingWeb is here for you to informs you perfectly. So, before you take the test of your typing speed, you must have complete info about these and for that, you can take absolute free Tutorials on the TypingWeb. So, gather information about everything from here and get the best result in the test.

If you surely want to track your progress of the typing speed, then don’t forget to complete the free signin to make yourself updated about your performances.

Typing Master

Typingmaster trains you with the perfect typing skills and also you can use this platform to test your speed. This is the place where you get the lessons in a funny way. Not only you can check the speed or accuracy but also the many keyboard games make the process perfect. So, don’t think much, I advice you to just go to the Typing master  and start your crazy experience with Typing Master.

Also, on this site you can directly share your results on the social sites. So, make your mind today for the best results.


If you choose Learn2Type, then also you need to signin yourself for getting the access to the members’ area to know your performance perfectly. This site has the lessons where you can also know how to perform better as a beginner. So, go through that section as well and surely these tricks help you to get the best result in the typing test.

10 Fast Fingers

Improve your typing speed at 10 Fast Fingers. This site will give you the real picture about your speed and after that, it will be an easy call for you to understand how you are performing. So, don’t waste time, just go for it and do practice, again and again, to perform better to best in Typing practice test .


Goodtyping is the another best platform where you can improve your typing skills and also test the Typing Speed. So, register or signup yourself today and know your performance how much accuracy and speed do you have in the typing.


Choosing FreeTypingGame.Net is the better choice to take the Typing Speed Test. Also, it has the section where they will give you the free lessons of typing and free typing games. So, set your goal on your own and a perfect supervision as it help you to reach your destination goal of typing speed. At the same time, when you give the expected performance, the certificate will be ready for you at free of cost. So, start your journey here today and for that, you don’t need to register yourself or download it, just begin the process online at free of cost.


Undoubtedly, PowerTyping.Com is the easy to use. You will get all the assistance that makes your performance better in the speed typing, no matter how old are you, a kid or adult. So, go through the options for picking the best as per the requirements and give your best performances.


This is also a reliable source to take your free typing speed test and that to be in 60 seconds. So, start your journey today on this platform where the self-assignment is simple and as the way 4 million people know their status of typing speed every month through the Typingtest.com, you can also take the same info by investing little times in this platform.


Do you want to take the free online typing speed test? Then check out Speedtypingonline.com where you can easily recognize how fast and accurate you type. You will get here many features such as lots of text options and many test lengths to enjoy the process. So, follow this easy and fun way of testing your skill and also improve the typing speed.

Key Hero Typing Test

Decent typing speed is the most needed thing for each of them who are working on the computer. If you have the speed and comfort, then you can focus on your work and it gives you success and satisfaction. So, it is highly important that you know how much improvements needed to do the work smoothly and here Key Hero Typing Test that helps you to identify the same. So, take the Free Typing Speed Test today and plan the other things accordingly.


You will get your own, the best performance certificate, after giving the free typing speed test on Ratatype. So, get certified unlimited times and keep doing the improvements in the typing. You get here proper learning options as well and the important thing is that all these are available at no cost. So, know your need as per requirement and use this free platform to gather better knowledge for giving the performance.


A simple and free online typing practice test you can take here at typingtestonline.org. So, start the journey today at this platform and know-how accurate and fast you are at a sudden speed.

Now, you have the best names of the websites from where you can test your typing ability and give free typing practice test, so go for it, and don’t forget to practice more to get the desired speed you want. I see many people with an average speed of 60 wpm, maybe you are the next one.

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