Apple Search Engine launching soon

Apple search engine

Technology giant Apple is working on its own search engine. It is true that Google has kept its place in the search engine space for many years. But now it seems that Apple is going to enter this competition soon. It is reported that the company will soon launch an Apple search engine, which will … Read more

How to delete a Facebook page?

Facebook is a well known social platform. It provides us many features including messaging, group creation, page creation, etc. But you need to delete a Facebook fan page, or business page then this article’s got you covered How to delete a Facebook page (or How to delete a Facebook Business page). You can delete your … Read more

India preparing to build World’s Fastest Quantum Computer

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India is constantly developing in the field of technology. This is the reason why Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also continuously promoting the Digital India campaign. Indian engineers and researchers will now join Russia for development in the field of technology. IIT Alumni Council Chairman Ravi Sharma said Lomonov has signed a memorandum of understanding … Read more

How To Apply for PAN Card Online

Pan card is an important document related to our life in today’s time. PAN cards are used in many types of transactions. It is necessary from salary to deposit of money. Without this, more than half of your work will be stopped at the present time. For opening bank account, financial transaction, tax filing, salary, … Read more

Why Google and Apple removed the Fortnite Game from the app store?

Why Google and Apple removed the Fortnite Game from the app store?

After PUBG, Fortnite has an extraordinarily large user base around the world. But Google and Apple removed Fortnite Game, (one of the popular games) from their respective app store and the entire mess has been about earning. Actually, American gaming company Epic Games started taking direct payment from users for their action game Fortnite, after which Google … Read more