5 free apps for Instagram to get an incredible feed

apps for instagram
apps for instagram
apps for Instagram

If you want to take your photos to another level but also want to pimp your Instagram feed, here are five apps for Instagram to stand out and you must try

I think we all agree that Instagram filters are not the best or we can say they are limited, and I doubt many still use them. I know I’m not anymore. However, more than 600 million people use Instagram, whether for personal, professional use or even for blogging. This platform has flourished and grew well in recent years and is now becoming more widely used than Facebook or any other social platform. Instagram is significantly easier to use than Facebook because the network’s goal is to share photos as your feed. Personally, I used this application most, and I admit that I can easily spend hours on it. I love the creativity on this platform, discovering new photographers, artists, or just people who inspire me.

As an Instagram user, if you want to take your photos to another level but also pimp your Instagram feed, here are the best five apps for Instagram that I would recommend you to help you stand out in this cramped but incredibly interesting social media.

Apps for Instagram feed or posts:


Snapseed is used by professional photographers and allows you to edit images with most features you can find in professional editing software. Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google. It was originally developed by Nik Software but now it is owned by Google LLC. Snapseed is available on both iOS and Android and is a powerful app where you can edit photos of very high quality. What I like about it, is that although there are lots of features, it is well designed and is user friendly and gets used quickly. It does a great job of really enhancing your photos for Instagram posts and feed. If you feel like it, you can also edit details in detail, such as adding some lighting to a small part of an image to make it more pop.


VSCO is by far my favorite application or tool for editing photos. There is a wide range of presets and editing tools that add a lot of atmosphere and artistic vibes to photos. Visco offers creative photo and video editing tools. There is also a community on VSCO where you can share your photos.

There is a free version and also membership access (approx. € 19.99 / year) where you can access more presets and tutorials.

A design kit

This is without a doubt the most creative app I have tried! With A Design Kit, you can draw on your photos, add stickers, use brushes, fonts, and many other fun tools to design cool things in your photos. This app is available only on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad devices. I like the fact that these are not templates. It feels more like a playground where you can have fun with your pictures and make a masterpiece out of it.


This is for an Instagram control freak. Most people’s goal on Instagram is to have an organized, well-balanced, color-scaled feed. With Preview, you can easily plan your publications in advance and see what your feed will look like after you upload your photos. This app offers free unlimited posts. You can use the drag & drop to arrange your Instagram photos & videos.

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark is perfect for marketers who do not want to rely on a creative team and are waiting for assets to produce quality publications. With hundreds of templates like social media post design, animated graphics, video and Instagram stories, you can practice beautiful patterns without having special skills in graphic design. Oh, and it’s free with an Adobe account!

It was certainly not easy to choose, but I think if I had to keep five photo editing apps (yes, I have a lot more on the phone!), These are the ones I would always have installed because they meet many needs.

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