India preparing to build World’s Fastest Quantum Computer

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world's fastest quantum computer
World's fastest quantum computer

India is constantly developing in the field of technology. This is the reason why Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also continuously promoting the Digital India campaign. Indian engineers and researchers will now join Russia for development in the field of technology. IIT Alumni Council Chairman Ravi Sharma said Lomonov has signed a memorandum of understanding with Moscow State University and Rusoft to build the world’s largest and fastest hybrid quantum computer in India. After this, India can now both transfer and access technology from Russia to build the world’s fastest quantum computer (hybrid).

Global leaders and state-owned Russian companies will transfer technology such as cryogenic, cryptography, and modular cloud management technology to India. Existing supercomputers lag far behind quantum computing. Quantum computers can be several million times faster than the largest supercomputers in India. Quantum computers will prove to be nothing less than a boon for India. They are used in healthcare, advanced manufacturing, agriculture, weather forecasting, transportation, logistics, and many other fields.

Quantum computers are millions of times more powerful than super computers

Council chairman Ravi Sharma says that a quantum computer has millions of times more capacity than a supercomputer in India. Information technology will revolutionize with this technology coming into the country. Through this, qualitative changes will be made in accurate forecast of weather, simulation process in health and family welfare sector, advance manufacturing, agriculture and other social sectors at very low cost. There will be a lot of help in research, research and manufacturing of medicine and vaccine etc.

What is a quantum computer?

Last year Google created this quantum computer. According to the information available about it, it works on the basis of quantum computing (superfine science) theory. It is capable of doing seemingly impossible calculations (capacity of 20 lakh thousand crore calculations in a second) in a blink of an eye. Google claimed that its quantum computer completed that calculation process in two seconds, which can take about ten thousand to complete a supercomputer. You can understand this in such a way that the current computer can store its information

You can understand this in the way that current computers store their information in bits. While a quantum computer will store it in cubic.

What will technology change?

Imagine that one of the profiles of one million social media profiles is to be taken. The current technology will scan all profiles in turn for this. That is, you have to go through 10 lakh steps. While a thousand steps would be enough for a quantum computer. In this way, the use of quantum computers in all social sectors including defense, security, space, astronomical field, health, agriculture will increase the quality considerably.

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