Best 13+ Tips and Tricks in WhatsApp

Best Tricks in Whatsapp
Whatsapp life hacks
Best Tricks in Whatsapp
Whatsapp life hacks

Hey as you all know WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messenger app. It has a huge user base and provides lots of functionality that’s why I think you all love the Whatsapp messaging app like me. So if you want to get the most out of the tricks in WhatsApp app then I know some useful tricks that I want to share with you. So let’s get started :

Top 13 Tips and Tricks in WhatsApp in 2020:-

Here are some tips and tricks in Whatsapp that you must aware about and you should use them. So keep reading this full article to take the full advantage of the instant messaging app Whatsapp:

1. How to make the text bold, italic, or strikethrough in WhatsApp ?

I have been using these awesome features for a long time in my WhatsApp app, and I know that most people do not know about it.

If you want to make a word or sentence italic (like this), just put an underscore (_) at the beginning and end of the word. For example, if you want to make the word Techforks in italic, write _ Techforks _. The same with bold, but instead of underscore, you have to put an asterisk (*). 

To make a crossed text (like this) you have to put a tilde sign (~) at the beginning and end of the word or sentence. There is also a possibility to create a monospaced text, add three quotes to any side of the text.

If you think it too difficult for you? Then there is another way of doing this just select the required word or part of the text, press “more” and then select bold, italic, strikethrough, or monospace accordingly. But keep in mind that this is not available on all devices.

2. How to quote a message on WhatsApp?

If the chat or group is active and new messages are constantly coming in, quoting is the best way not to get confused about who is responding to whom and what. It is like when you answer some message in the group you point out that particular message.

To quote someone message, you need to tap on the message for a few seconds, and then select the arrow pointing to the left (this is the first arrow) on the top bar.

Or if you do not want to follow above method then there is the shortcut, just swap the message you want to quote to the right.

In this way, the quoted message is attached, and it remains only to type the answer and send to the chat.

3. How to look how much memory a chat took?

To see the chat statistics

Go to Settings  >> Storage data >> Storage .

Here, you can see how much space a chat or group consumes on your device. After you select a group or contact, you can see detailed statistics of that particular chat, such as how much space is consumed by photos, text messages, audio, videos, documents. You can also delete certain media content right from here here. Just select the media content you want to delete and clink on free space.

4. How to remove specific content from a chat?

You can do more than just see how long a chat with a specific contact takes. You can remove specific media content from a specific chat.

All you need to do is visit the storage again Settings >> Data storage >> Storage like the above one. Then here, select a contact or group and click the “Free up Space” button. Now you can mark which categories of content you want to clear. Therefore, if there are 80 videos of 350 MB in a group and you need to delete them, just mark it with a checkbox and click the “delete messages” button.

5. Request your account information

Like Twitter and Facebook, you can request a ZIP archive of your account information and settings on WhatsApp too. But note that there will be no messages in the archive in your whatsapp.

If you want to receive such an archive, just go to  Settings  >> Account >> Request account information, and then click on Request Report. It takes two to three days to receive the report. Also, the request will be cancelled if you decide to delete or change your account number.

Keep in mind that you cannot view this file in WhatsApp app, you can transfer the file to your computer and open it there or you can try to open it with another application directly on your phone.

6. How to send chat history to e-mail?

Tricks in Whatsapp
How to send chat history to e-mail?

In the WhatsApp messaging app, you can not only back up your chats in the cloud storage, but you can also send all chat correspondence to e-mail. Yes, you heard it right.

If you need to send the chat by e-mail, go to Settings >> Chats >> Chat history >> Export chat by email (you can share it with anything like WhatsApp, etc), after which the entire list of available chats will open.

After you have selected the required chat, WhatsApp will ask you if you need to enable media or send only text and emotions to e-mail. After selecting accordingly, the default e-mail application will open, with the attached chat log in .txt format, you just need to enter the email address and click on the send button. And here your e-mail has been sent.

7. How to Activate 2-Step Verification?

By default, when changing device, WhatsApp asks for a phone number and one-time password. But enabling two-step verification means that attackers can gain access to your account even if they have a SIM card.

To enable it, you need to go to Settings >> Account >> Two-step verification.  Here you will need to create a secure 6-digit PIN (remember this PIN or I will advise you to safely write it down anywhere), which you will need to enter when registering new devices or sometimes Whatsapp ask you to verify. You can also add your e-mail here if you by chance forget your PIN.

8. Communicate in different languages

If you would like to chat in a different language, open WhatsApp, go to Settings >> Select chats and then click on the Application language. Now select the language you want to communicate.

9. How to add a chat shortcut on the home page?

WhatsApp also give facility to add shortcuts chat to the home page of Android.

To add a chat shortcut to your phone’s home page, open a chat or group you want to create shortcut , then tap the three dots in the upper right corner.

Now click on More and here you will see Add an icon to the screen option. Then just click confirm to confirm the decision.

10. How to turn off read receipts in WhatsApp?

I think all of you are familiar with blue checkmark. If not, it means that the message has been read by the receiver. If you want to hide from your contacts and turn off the read receipt ( or blue checkmark), go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy and uncheck the Read Receipts box .

Remember this works both ways, i.e. your contacts can’t see when you read their messages, and you can’t see when they read yours.

11. See who read the message in the WhatsApp group

This is one of the WhatsApp life hacks that you probably know or may be you did not know about. This is the ability to see who read your message that you sent in a group. All you have is to hold your message to highlight it, then tap the three-dot menu and click on Info. Here you will see the complete list of those people who have read your message, to whom message is delivered and at what time it was read.

12. How to enable stealth mode (or last seen) in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has a function that shows when you were last online, or rather when you last opened WhatsApp.

To enable/disable it, go to Settings  >> Account  >> Privacy . Then click Visit Time and choose who can see the time of your last visit online from the options ‘All ‘, ‘My Contacts‘ and ‘Nobody ‘.

You can use the same steps to change the visibility of your contact information and profile photo . They can also be viewed by everyone, just your contact or Nobody at all.

13. Enable Live Location Tracking

Sending your location to any WhatsApp chat is very simple and easy, just click on the paperclip icon on the top and click on the Location icon. But, what if you want to share your location in real time, to your friend or parent? It turns out that there is such a function on WhatsApp, and it will be a real time, helpful for all parents.

You can activate the function by clicking on the paperclip icon again. Now click Location >> Share geodata  and specify the time, from 15 minutes upto 8 hrs. If you do not want to share your location, end the tracking manually by clicking the Stop Sharing button.

So these are the best tips and tricks in Whatsapp or Whatsapp hacks which every Whatsapp users must know. If you know other tricks better then pls tell me in the comment section. I love to hear it you from your side 🙂

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